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Ovarian Cancer In Rabbits How Early Should Ovarian Cancer Be Detected?

How early should ovarian cancer be detected? - ovarian cancer in rabbits

If ovarian cancer is detected early, there are more chances of the deal, a better prognosis. How long after the first cancer begins to be recognized? Are we talking days, weeks, months?


Sean said...

I always thought it was not detectable.

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It is unclear what percentage of the cancer at an early stage ovarian cancer produces symptoms. The vast majority of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer symptoms. However, since most of these women are diagnosed at a later stage, it is impossible to know how many of them had symptoms spread before the cancer began. We know, that 90% of women who come in the first stage I to doctors before the diagnosis, diagnosed with symptoms, and also that all too many cases of ovarian cancer months to diagnose - A recent study found that almost half had more than three months, and 11% took more than a year. It therefore seems logical to assume that a significant percentage of women have early symptoms.

- The most common symptoms are nonspecific - are usually caused by other things. The following list contains a number of possible symptoms of ovarian cancer. But these symptoms can also choose from a variety of non-cancer conditions. If a woman has problems zipped his jeans, is morethe debt of middle-age spread of ovarian cancer. Fortunately, gas pain is usually not a terrible sign. However, if a woman should occur suddenly after one of the following symptoms, and they stay longer than 2-3 weeks, these symptoms are reviewed.

- It is a symptom of the dashboard. Despite the bloating / swelling is mentioned most often the first symptom, some studies show that even this is only for a minority of cases of ovarian cancer. Since each symptom that some women, it is important that women be educated about the constellation of symptoms associated with ovarian cancer.

- Denial. Of course, nobody wants to think about cancer. But keep in mind: The life of women worldwide risk for ovarian cancer is 1 in 70 In the United States, 1 is the 55th Remember your high school class. His Church. Your workplace. The number of women you know. How many of them are likely to have ovarian cancer? OVARIAN CANCER is not unusual.

Women should begin educating themselves ABOUT this insidious disease.

Prodromal symptoms of ovarian cancer

Contact MD if one or more of these symptoms for 2-3 weeks:

"Bloating / swelling / Clothes Too Tight
-Abdominal/Pelvic Pain or pressure, or feel "full"
The gastrointestinal symptoms (such as gas, indigestion, nausea or changes in the stool)
Vaginal bleeding or discharge
Problems with urination - an urgent, burning or shaking
Fatigue and / or fever
-Pain during intercourse
Back pain
Breathing problems

cptv8ing said...

Of course, the sooner the better, but not be captured on film the exact time. I am a stage 4 patients with ovarian cancer and I met and saw many women with stage 4, after living a very long period. There are different types of Ovca, various kinds of tumors, so many things that make it difficult for a time on the device for a disease. Unfortunately, the statistics Ovca are not large, but to improve, as we do that the first signs to recognize and learn to react accordingly. Ovca, Whisper, hear!

zrepmd said...

Month. It is very difficult to detect even with all kinds of tests for ovarian cancer.

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